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Specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of bottle
filling, packing and conveyor machinery


We offer full Design, Maintenance and Installation services, all from our UK manufacturing plant.


We offer a full design service and specialise in bespoke filling and packing solutions.


Our full maintenance service is designed to be as flexible as possible to fit your needs.





Since the 1950's Farason Ltd, of Leeds, West Yorkshire has specialised in the design, manufacture and supply of precision-engineered, quality filling machines.


The company is uniquely equipped to provide units exact to individual customer's particular requirements and versatility is the keynote to the acknowledged success of Farason Fillers.


Machine types cover a comprehensive range of capabilities and include manual, in-line and rotary assemblies. All are available with a choice of filling operations low vacuum, volumetric pump, gravity or weight fillings.


Over the last ten years we have diversified our product range in response to customer requests for increased equipment integration, performance guarantees and single supplier solutions for packing lines.


Whatever the challenge, our overall commitment remains the same:

To produce a fundamentally sound, well engineered, cost effective solution to meet our customers' specifications and expectations.

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